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Following Your Life Path

Following Your Life Path

There is one thing that still amazes me everyday: all the things I’ve done that I never thought I’d do!

I think we all have ideas of what we will do as we get older and we envision what kind of job(s) we will have, what type of family, whether or not we will have kids, where we want to live and so on. I certainly had ideas as I grew up but I certainly did not imagine 50% of what I’m doing now and have done so far!

I attribute quite a bit to opportunity! I worked at a fishing lodge when I was freshly out of school for the summer. It was fun and so nice to be on my own! Returning back to my parents I realized I quite liked being on my own and wasn’t afraid to travel. In fact, I realized I should travel and see what’s out there before settling down.

With winter approaching, I looked west at ski lodge opportunities, applying at almost every one I could think of. After not getting any calls back I decided to stay put (in Manitoba) and applied for some jobs there. I was going for a 2nd interview at a restaurant when I got a call from a Jasper ski lodge. I turned down the ski lodge thinking I had made up my mind to stay in Manitoba. As I hung up, the handset was barely back on the receiver as the thought entered my head, “Yes. I am going to work at a ski lodge.”  It just wasn’t going to be Jasper.

A couple of days later, I received a call from Panorama ski lodge. They were coming into Winnipeg to do interviews and we set up a time. I knew this is where I wanted to work and meeting the interviewers I knew Panorama was were I was supposed to be! I got the job and soon was taking the bus to the resort.

With only my pillow, a bag of clothes and a blanket I was on the bus, arriving into Invermere late at night. Waiting at the bus stop (at the time everything in Invermere was closed down after 9pm!) all alone, outside, I wasn’t even fearful that I was being abandoned. The van from the resort was over an hour late picking me up due to an avalanche, but I knew it would be there.

My time at the lodge was amazing, meeting so many people from all over the world. Sharing stories, experiences and learning more about who I was and what I wanted out of life. I did eventually move back to Manitoba and stayed there for the next 7 years. But, as fate will always have it, I promised I’d one day move back out west, to the mountains I fell in love with.

I didn’t have the income or job experience at the time to move myself and my son out west. Wanting a better life for us, I went into debt to pay for my schooling. Getting educated in Business Administration which opened the door to so many jobs. It was this decision that allowed me to move out West. I focused on Calgary since there was a job surplus and it was then I met my husband. Within 3 months of deciding to move out to Calgary, I was settled in with a job lined up.

When I was on maternity leave I decided to do a home-business for some extra income and for something to do. That path led me to a new world of business. The online world. I opened my online store, joined some pre-existing businesses, began writing articles on health and wellness which turned into self-publishing some books as well!

Now I run a few businesses, I am continually learning and exploring new things and am filled with the knowledge that I will learn even more every day. This world is too small, to not experience more. Our minds are too great to not open them to all that is. I am thankful for the event that first started this journey, thankful to  my parents who always supported me and gave me the confidence to venture forth into this world and experience all there is to experience, and I encourage anyone else to do the same because you only come around once!


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