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Shopping for Natural Products Online: Baby Kids and Adults

When I first started my business I wondered how I could possibly sell natural products online since the online experience is usually quite limited. For starters, you can’t touch or smell the products, so how can customers really know what they are buying?

Shopping Online Requires Good Product Descriptions

The first thing I realized was all of my products needed really good product descriptions. Pictures were a must but there were so many other details I had to make sure I included. With over 600 products now, I am still tweaking my products -even after 2 years of being open!

Some descriptions of the natural products I sell are things like product size and full ingredient listings. I am surprised by sites like that don’t have ingredient listings for some of their products. “Paraben-free” or “Contains no SLS” just isn’t good enough!

Not Jumping on the ‘Organic’ Train

It didn’t take me long to realize that it’s not all about ‘Organic’. So many products out there are called ‘Organic’ but are mixed in with toxic chemicals anyways! The standards out there on labeling are pretty lax and really, if you contain some organic ingredients you can get away with calling your product organic – silly isn’t it?

I decided to call my products what they are: Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free. By Chemical-Free I am referring to man-made synthetic chemicals that are known to cause a variety of health problems such as, but not limited to: allergies, skin irritations, cancer, hormonal disruptions, blindness, aquatic and wildlife contamination, neurological conditions and effects, respiratory problems, migraines and other health issues.

Being Honest About My ‘Natural’ Products

Am I perfect in the products I offer to customers? No. I am not a scientist and have been in many debates with scientists and chemists about the safety of chemicals that the government seems to think is ok. I do not claim to be an expert – I’m simply a mom who did some research for two years and built a product line of products that do not contain those harmful chemicals – simple.

I’ve had to drop a few product lines over the last two years when new information about their ingredients were learned. Some companies in the beginning put artificial fragrance in their products without telling me – but since I am super-sensitive to synthetic fragrance and I test everything I sell, I quickly discovered the ingredients when my hands broke out in a rash! If the products don’t fit our guidelines, they don’t get sold in the store!

Special Deals for Customers Who Want Natural Products

I don’t think natural and chemical-free products should have to cost 3x more than is reasonable! Many stores jack the price thinking that customers expect to pay a premium. To me, that is 100% BS! I’m a mom who always wants the best price out there – sure, if it’s a bit more costly I’ll pay it but if I don’t have to why would I?

My prices are average I would say, if not lower than what big competition would offer. I have put all my products on sale and don’t see nearly the kind of profit most other businesses do. But – I believe in people being able to afford good chemical-free products for themselves and their children. I’ve lowered all the prices again this week, for summer sales and offer competitive shipping rates.

Occasionally I’m told my shipping rates are too high, but those customers think shipping should only be  few bucks. What they don’t realize is the smallest package I ship, even to my local area, will cost almost $7. A couple provinces away, it will cost around $12. I only charge $6.95 for local shipments and for the rest of Canada I charge $9.95. So yes, I usually lose money on shipping, especially because the box and packing materials cost around $1.50 each.

Successful Online Business: Natural Products for Baby Kids and Adults

Natural e GREEN: Natural Products Store

Natural e GREEN: Natural Products Store

Is my business a success? I would say so. I am not rich and do not really plan on being rich. But the bills are paid and we are not wanting for anything. I am able to offer over 600 products to my customers (baby kids and adults) across North America at darn good prices and for reasonable shipping. Plus, I’m able to use the same products for my family.

So yes, I would say the business is a success. It is my job and keeps the income going and it helps others find the products they want for the prices they can afford. It gives me peace of mind knowing I’m doing the best I can for my kids and myself and gives me personal satisfaction with each new thing I learn.

Success is not always measured in dollars, it’s how you feel at the end of the day!

You can always shop at our store and even read our articles for more information on chemicals and products that are safe. Learn about sunscreens and how they damage the environment and see how you can choose eco-friendly products. This summer we offer up to 35% lower prices than list and free shipping on orders over $150. Yes – a good chunk of that money comes out of my pocket in the end, but at least I can sleep easy and feel good about who I am and what I do for others!  If you like Natural e GREEN and our store, please like us on facebook, tweet us, +1 us and even vote for us for the Eco-Edge Award that we’ve been nominated for (details on our site!)


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Kids and Children Lying: Normal or Not Normal

April 11, 2011 – If your child lies, he is not alone. Most children lie at some point in their lives but parents have a hard time recognizing when the lying is becoming problematic.

Reasons Why Children Lie and Not Tell The Truth

children lying telling truthWhen your child is younger, it is normal for her to lie and not always tell the truth. At a younger age, they often can not distinguish between reality and fantasy, and as a result, their lies are quite innocent.

As kids get older, around 5 to 6 years of age, they get a better grip on reality and understand the difference between reality and fantasy. They also begin to develop a conscience and feel guilt when they’ve done something wrong. Children may, at this age, begin telling lies to avoid punishment.

By the time your child is 7 or 8 years old, he should have a good grip on fantasy and reality and should tell the truth. It is common to want to avoid punishments and tell lies to avoid disapproval. At this age, kids also understand the concept of social lying: lying to be kind to someone’s feelings.

How to Stop Kids From Lying and Not Telling the Truth

You can help your kid(s) avoid lying by following some simple guidelines. Remember that lying is part of normal development and in most cases, not a problem that can not be overcome.

Be a Good Role Model

Your child will look to your for guidance, so be sure to be a good role model. Keep your word and if, for some reason, your intentions fall through, apologize and explain to your child why your promise was broken. Even simple things, like promising a trip to a store and then always changing the plans, can be seen by your child as “inconsistent” and “not truthful” and may set the stage for your child not believing you in future dealings.

Encourage Your Child to Be Honest

While it’s common for children to want to avoid punishments, you must encourage your child to be honest and truthful. Teach your child to think before replying and give them a chance to recant their version of the story and to “come clean” with what really happened. It’s also important to create a safe family environment so your child feels comfortable in telling the truth.

Be sure to compliment your child when she tells the truth and if a punishment is necessary, be sure it is more mild than a punishment would be for not telling the truth.

How to Deal With Children and Kids Lying

If your child does lie; do not ignore it. Give them a chance to confess and explain the consequences for lying. As with any punishment, think before speaking. It is important that a punishment fits the situation. So if you aren’t sure about the punishment, send your child to his room while you calmly decide on a punishment. Many parents react spontaneously and hand out “unreasonable” punishments, which are hard to enforce and may lead to arguments from the child.

Don’t lecture your child and remember the simple rule: KISS – Keep It Short and Simple! While you may want to drone on and on about the issue, your child will begin to lose focus and get lost in what you are saying. Keep it short and simple, hand out the punishment and walk away. Make sure your child understands why lying is wrong and have her apologize for her actions.

Problem Lying With Child and Kids

Sometimes, children lie compulsively (known as compulsive or habitual lying) and you may need to get further assistance in curbing the problem. Older kids and teens may lie to get attention or to hide something such as bullying or drug abuse. They may also lie to get what they want and take advantage of others.

Studies have shown that habitual liars have more white matter in their brain than those who are not habitual liars. It is believed also, that the grey matter of the brain controls the urge to lie and the same study indicates that habitual liars have a 16% decrease of grey matter in their brain.

Do Children With ADHD/ADD Lie More Often?

Children with ADHD or ADD have shown to have lower dopamine levels in their brain. Dopamine is responsible for functions such as “motivation and rewards” and lower levels may make your child more susceptible to not doing something because she can not understand the merit in doing so.

This may also explain why some children with ADHD or ADD tend to lie, as they just don’t see the point in telling the truth and being honest. Helping them to understand the importance of telling the truth and praising them for such actions, is a good step in curbing the lying.

How to Help Children and Kids Who Lie

There are many options to help your child curb his lying problem. You may need to look at individual and/or family counseling. Group therapy is another good alternative for your child if he is lying to get attention. You may also want to get your child assessed to rule out any learning disabilities. Sometimes, children who have a problem learning or understanding, will lie to cover up for the problem.


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