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Snoring health risks causes and natural treatments

Snoring and Sleep Disorders

Almost 90 million American adults suffer from snoring disorders. Snoring can be caused by many reasons and can pose health risks if not treated.

According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), almost 90 million American adults suffer from some type of snoring disorder. Of those adults, 37 million suffer from snoring conditions on a regular basis. Although snoring most often affects overweight men, it can affect both sexes regardless of weight. Understanding causes of snoring and seeking treatment can help minimize health risks associated with the condition.


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Mental Illness in Children and Teens

Diagnosing Mental Illness in Children & Teens

Mental Illness in Children and Teens

Mental disorders are often hard to diagnose in children and teenagers, especially when the signs are not as severe. Many mental disorders are not treated.

According to a study done by the National Institute of Mental Health, NIMH, roughly 20 percent of U.S. youth will be affected by a mental illness during their lifetime. Mental disorders range in severity and may affect the individual only slightly or may be so extreme it can lead to devastating consequences.


Mental Illness in Children and Teens.


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Natural & Organic Health Products: What You Need to Know

ImageWondering what all the hype is about? You are not alone!

What are Natural & Organic Health Products anyways?

Well, if you are like most consumers, you are now paying a bit more attention to ‘safe’ and ‘green’ products for healthy living.

If you are also like most consumers you are confused as heck as to what a healthy natural product is anyways!

Let’s face it, the ingredients on the labels today are so crazy, it’s hard to tell what is a synthetic man-made chemical and which ones are long names for essential oils and plant essences!

Natural vs Organic: Is there a difference?

Sure, Organic ingredients are those that have not come into contact with pesticides or other harmful, toxic ingredients during their processing. Natural Ingredients, well, these are debatable. Natural can mean “exists in nature“, or natural as in “no additives“.

Companies use these words all the time and interchange them as they see fit.

Are Natural Products Safer?

That depends really. What are the ingredients? Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is natural, derived from natural plant sources that is, but it’s highly irritating and toxic to skin and eyes. Also, what other ingredients are included in the product? It’s great to have a “natural” shampoo with some essential oils but if you have a bunch of other toxic ingredients in there, it’s not really safe is it?

Are Organic Products Safer?

Same things as above. If a product says “Made with Organic Ingredients” or “Contains Organic Plant Essences” it means nothing! It needs to be certified organic and even then you need to check. Often you will find some organic ingredients mixed in with non-organic. Crazy stuff!

Finding Safe and Non-Toxic Products

Not easy! Even your local health and wellness store (big and small) will often carry products they ‘think’ are safe, but really, they still contain some of the toxic ingredients. The most common in something like fragrance. I can’t tell you how many stores I visit that offer brands I know are bad, but the owners don’t know any different (Or they do and don’t care, not sure on this one!)

I’ve been accused before of jumping on the ‘green’ wagon and that because I sell my products for profit I am just fear-mongering without any scientific evidence. (Yes, you all know who are you our there!)  🙂   The truth is, I believe in both arguments. I do believe some advocate groups go a bit far to prove their point and don’t always use valid points. However, I believe even more that the government really sucks at doing their job protecting consumers and is totally incapable and unwilling to do what needs to be done.

Look at companies like P&G that make so many products. Why do they care if their food products contains additives and food colorings that may lead to behavioral disorders in children? They manufacture Concerta, a very popular ADHD drug prescribed to children or any children who ‘seem to have ADHD’ today. What’s the big deal for these big companies? Their products cause reactions and they have more products to be the solution!

I can see their little hamsters running now:

“Oh, our body and face bar contains ingredients that dry out your skin and make you develop atopic dermatitis (eczema)?  No worries, just use our over-the-counter cream to treat your eczema.”

Or how about:

“Interesting, these food colors make these kids active crazy hyper and lose their focus in school. Many teachers think the kids are ADHD and are telling parents to just get them on drugs. So now they take anti-psychotic drugs that do only gosh knows what to their development and if they develop side effects or long term problems, well, we’ve got drugs for that too! Keep the money coming!”


Finding Natural and Organic Stores you Can Trust

They do exist! You may have to look hard and likely they don’t make too many products in really large quantities, but there are manufacturers out there you can trust. Be careful too though, many ‘natural’ companies can take advantage of this whole ‘green fear-mongering’ and offer you products that aren’t really that safe either or tested to be safe!

Look around, check out a company’s profile and social media pages like facebook, twitter, etc. What do their customers say? Do they promote other related companies, letting you know that they really do stand behind their mission statement? Are their prices super high (or insanely low?) Do they offer any sketchy products mixed in with ones that you know are good?

I could just say shop with NaturaleGREEN but I don’t need to do that! As a consumer you have find companies you can trust and also learn how to read labels so that shopping isn’t as scary as it is now. There are other companies like ours though, that are dedicated to providing safer products for consumers. We are always here though if you have questions and want to learn more about chemicals to avoid. Feel free to drop by our site at where you can browse products that have already met our criteria and also read hundreds of articles to help you gain a better understanding of Natural vs. Organic vs. Safe vs. Not!



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Native Remedies Mindsoothe for Mood Swings & Depression

Native Remedies Mindsoothe for Mood Swings & Depression

If you have a teenager you probably know what it’s like to deal with their ups and downs. Not their fault mind you, their hormonal levels are changing and it is one crazy roller coaster ride! But, we’ve all been there before and sure, we got through it. However, you can make it easier on your kids and help their bodies balance out more!

Native Remedies Mindsoothe Capsules

Capsules for Mindsoothe Highly advertised to help those with ADHD and ADD, Mindsoothe is a natural herbal combination designed to promote calm mood and balance mood swings. It is not only for ADHD or ADD mind you. Anyone who suffers from ups and down can use Mindsoothe, provided you don’t already  take anti-depressants.

Safe and non-addictive, these easy to take capsules can help balance hormonal levels and keep your mood swings at bay, helping you get back to a normal and healthy life!

Where to Buy Native Remedies Mindsoothe: Canada & USA

You can buy Mindsoothe capsules at Natural e GREEN’s store here……With a satisfaction guarantee, you can certainly take advantage of their Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal and this week it’s on sale too! (SWEET!)  For kids 12 and under use Mindsoothe Jr which are drops you add to juice or water. For teenagers and adults over the age of 12, use Mindsoothe Capsules.

If depression is on-going please speak with your doctor to ensure there are no other medical conditions present. Many people hide their depression and downplay it so please seek medical attention if your (or someone else’s) depression is getting in the way of normal day to day activities.


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