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The Cancer Killers Book: The Cause is the Cure Review

What if you knew the secrets to having a healthy body that would not be susceptible to illness like colds and flu. What if you took it a step further and never had to worry about getting diseases like Cancer? “The Cancer Killers: The Cause is the Cure“, has been written to help you understand how you can optimized your health and turn your body into a Cancer Killer.

About the Book

Written by Dr. Charles Majors and Dr. Ben Lerner, The Cancer Killers book aims to help you understand more about the disease of Cancer, the business of Cancer and the risks of conventional Cancer treatments.

You will learn and begin to see how you have it within you to fight off all diseases and help your immune system do what is it designed to do: Keep you healthy!

Learn what foods are good for you, which ones need to be avoided and even how much exercise is optimum for health when you read this book. Dr. Majors also describes his own personal experience with Stage IV cancer and how he found his path to recovery through simple (yet obviously effective) ways of living.

Cancer, like all illnesses, is a symptom. It is a result of something weakened and not working right in your body. You will learn how to strengthen your body and make things right, so that illnesses can not grow and thrive within you.

The Business of Cancer

It’s no surprise that people are suspicious of Cancer cures and treatments. The pharmaceutical industry collects millions upon millions of dollars for their Cancer drugs and equipment and even organizations dedicated to Cancer research stand to gain from keeping Cancer a threat.

Let’s face it, if Cancer was cured, drug companies would lose billions. Organizations would go out of business because there would be no need to raise money for cures and there would be no money to pay staff. Many people make their living off ‘finding a Cancer cure‘ but the sad truth is, the ones who profit from diseases like Cancer do not want it to be cured.

In 1971, The National Cancer Act was signed and The National Cancer Institute (NCI) was established. Empowered and designed to fund Cancer research, NCI has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars over the last four decades and are really no further along in finding a cure than they were 40 years ago.

How You Can Cure Cancer Naturally

This is not a book about miracles. There is no real secret in becoming a Cancer Killer. Your body is already designed to be one. The key lies in education. You must become educated on how to eat healthy, what foods and toxins to avoid and what vitamins, herbs and supplements are beneficial (and which ones are not).

Your body is designed to filter out toxins and keep you in a constant state of good health. However, with fast food restaurants, pesticide and chemical-laden fruits and vegetables and various other toxins in personal care products, our bodies have a hard time keeping up. The Western diet, poor farming practices and lethargic lifestyle has only made things worse for our health and it’s no surprise that Cancer and other illnesses are steadily on the rise.

By reading this book, you will learn how to make better food choices and discover the types of exercise essential for good health. Use of Chiropractic treatments and supplementing your diet with essential vitamins, herbs and minerals will not only help you reach optimum health, it will help you pass on those lifestyle choices to your family so future generations can make Cancer a thing of the past.

What our ancestors called food, we now call organic. We are exposed daily to harmful toxins and must educate ourselves on how to reach optimum health. It is up to us to re-learn how to live and eat healthy so we can take control of our own healthcare. The key to fighting Cancer is by not getting it in the first place and your first step is in reading “The Cancer Killers” book! It is a book I will refer to again, and again, and again and I strongly suggest you do the same!

Learn more about this book, the authors and get your copy at


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Natural & Organic Health Products: What You Need to Know

ImageWondering what all the hype is about? You are not alone!

What are Natural & Organic Health Products anyways?

Well, if you are like most consumers, you are now paying a bit more attention to ‘safe’ and ‘green’ products for healthy living.

If you are also like most consumers you are confused as heck as to what a healthy natural product is anyways!

Let’s face it, the ingredients on the labels today are so crazy, it’s hard to tell what is a synthetic man-made chemical and which ones are long names for essential oils and plant essences!

Natural vs Organic: Is there a difference?

Sure, Organic ingredients are those that have not come into contact with pesticides or other harmful, toxic ingredients during their processing. Natural Ingredients, well, these are debatable. Natural can mean “exists in nature“, or natural as in “no additives“.

Companies use these words all the time and interchange them as they see fit.

Are Natural Products Safer?

That depends really. What are the ingredients? Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is natural, derived from natural plant sources that is, but it’s highly irritating and toxic to skin and eyes. Also, what other ingredients are included in the product? It’s great to have a “natural” shampoo with some essential oils but if you have a bunch of other toxic ingredients in there, it’s not really safe is it?

Are Organic Products Safer?

Same things as above. If a product says “Made with Organic Ingredients” or “Contains Organic Plant Essences” it means nothing! It needs to be certified organic and even then you need to check. Often you will find some organic ingredients mixed in with non-organic. Crazy stuff!

Finding Safe and Non-Toxic Products

Not easy! Even your local health and wellness store (big and small) will often carry products they ‘think’ are safe, but really, they still contain some of the toxic ingredients. The most common in something like fragrance. I can’t tell you how many stores I visit that offer brands I know are bad, but the owners don’t know any different (Or they do and don’t care, not sure on this one!)

I’ve been accused before of jumping on the ‘green’ wagon and that because I sell my products for profit I am just fear-mongering without any scientific evidence. (Yes, you all know who are you our there!)  🙂   The truth is, I believe in both arguments. I do believe some advocate groups go a bit far to prove their point and don’t always use valid points. However, I believe even more that the government really sucks at doing their job protecting consumers and is totally incapable and unwilling to do what needs to be done.

Look at companies like P&G that make so many products. Why do they care if their food products contains additives and food colorings that may lead to behavioral disorders in children? They manufacture Concerta, a very popular ADHD drug prescribed to children or any children who ‘seem to have ADHD’ today. What’s the big deal for these big companies? Their products cause reactions and they have more products to be the solution!

I can see their little hamsters running now:

“Oh, our body and face bar contains ingredients that dry out your skin and make you develop atopic dermatitis (eczema)?  No worries, just use our over-the-counter cream to treat your eczema.”

Or how about:

“Interesting, these food colors make these kids active crazy hyper and lose their focus in school. Many teachers think the kids are ADHD and are telling parents to just get them on drugs. So now they take anti-psychotic drugs that do only gosh knows what to their development and if they develop side effects or long term problems, well, we’ve got drugs for that too! Keep the money coming!”


Finding Natural and Organic Stores you Can Trust

They do exist! You may have to look hard and likely they don’t make too many products in really large quantities, but there are manufacturers out there you can trust. Be careful too though, many ‘natural’ companies can take advantage of this whole ‘green fear-mongering’ and offer you products that aren’t really that safe either or tested to be safe!

Look around, check out a company’s profile and social media pages like facebook, twitter, etc. What do their customers say? Do they promote other related companies, letting you know that they really do stand behind their mission statement? Are their prices super high (or insanely low?) Do they offer any sketchy products mixed in with ones that you know are good?

I could just say shop with NaturaleGREEN but I don’t need to do that! As a consumer you have find companies you can trust and also learn how to read labels so that shopping isn’t as scary as it is now. There are other companies like ours though, that are dedicated to providing safer products for consumers. We are always here though if you have questions and want to learn more about chemicals to avoid. Feel free to drop by our site at where you can browse products that have already met our criteria and also read hundreds of articles to help you gain a better understanding of Natural vs. Organic vs. Safe vs. Not!



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Safflower Oil and CLA for Natural Weight Loss Remedy

Does Safflower Oil and CLA really work for Natural Weight Loss? Read our pros and cons and other ways to lose weight naturally (and safely!)

Safflower Oil and CLA for Natural Weight Loss Remedy.


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Snoring: Dangers, Reasons and Treatments

Snoring: Dangers, Reasons and Treatments

Taken from Suite101 article:

Almost 90 million American adults suffer from snoring disorders. Snoring can be caused for many reasons and can pose health risks if not treated.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, NSF, almost 90 million American adults suffer from some type of snoring disorder. Of those adults, 37 million suffer from snoring conditions on a regular basis. Although snoring most often affects overweight men, it can affect both sexes regardless of weight. Understanding causes of snoring and seeking treatment can help minimize health risks associated with the condition.

Causes of Snoring

During sleep, throat muscle relax and your tongue moves to the back of the throat. When you breathe in and out, a vibration results. The loudness of the vibration varies, though the Andrew J.M Prichard of the Royal Shewsbury Hospital reports snoring noise can be as loud as 110 dB, the equivalent to a jet plane approaching.


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Breast Cancer: Methylparaben and BPA Increase Risk

Breast Cancer: Methylparaben and BPA Increase Risk

Bottles like these are BPA Free

A new study shows methlyparaben and BPA, chemicals used in many consumer products, may reduce the effectiveness of cancer-fighting drugs like Tamoxifen.

September 13, 2011 – Researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco have just discovered that two common chemicals used in consumer products, methylparaben and Bisphenol A (BPA) are having a negative effect on cancer drug effectiveness. When both chemicals were combined and added to breast tissue cells, they rendered Tamoxifen ineffective. Tamoxifen is designed to kill both cancerous and normal cells.

Breast Cancer Drugs Blocked by Methylparaben and BPA

Reported in the San Francisco Chronicale, the latest study took noncancerous breast tissue cells and exposed them to Bisphenol A (BPA) and Methylparaben. When Tamoxifen was then introduced to stop and kill the cells, it was unable to do so. The results indicated to researchers that introduction of these chemicals made the cells take on cancer behaviors.

Most breast cancer drugs focus on minimizing estrogen, since most breast cancers are driven by estrogen. Both methylaparaben and BPA are known to disrupt hormone function. The Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) confirms that Parabens are known to mimic estrogen and have been found in breast cancer tissue. Continue reading: Parabens in Cosmetics and BPA May Aid Breast Cancer Development |


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New Study Finds ADHD Genes Linked to Autism and Neuropathic Disorders

August 13, 2011 – Medical News Today reported that a new study, led by The Hospital For Sick Children and the University of Toronto have made a very interesting discovery in the neurological field. The study has uncovered more genes in ADHD and an overlap in some of those genes. The study, published in the online edition of Science Translational Medicine, also links susceptibility of Autism and other neurological disorders.

Genes Identified in Neurological Disorders: ADHD and Autism

Led by Dr. Russell Schachar and Dr. Stephen Scherer, the study examined the DNA patients who have ADHD. The study looked for copy number variants (CNVs) which are insertions or deletions that affect the genes. In three cases, CNVs were found in the child’s genes but not in their parent’s genes, showing the mutation to be specific to the child only. ADHD is believed to be a hereditary condition.

In previous studies, certain genes had been identified in other neuropsychiatric conditions including autism spectrum disorder or ASD. Of 349 children, nine tested positive for ASD and also carried CNVs related to ADHD and related disorders.

Gene Identification Helps to Diagnose ADHD, Autsim

While concrete testing for neurological disorders such as ADHD are still not 100% proven, the gene identification gets scientists one step closer to being able to understand ADHD and other mental disorders.

Dr. Schachar reports that people react in different ways and each case is quite unique. Many people who have ADHD also display other conditions such as, but not limited to, anxiety, mood, language or conduct disorders. It’s also noted that 75 percent of individuals who have ASD also have deficits in their attention and/or display hyperactivity.

What is ADHD and ASD

ADHD is the abbreviation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and affects four percent of school-age children worldwide. Symptoms of ADHD are hyperactivity, impulsiveness and lack of attention. It often leads to learning difficulties, problems with social skills and mood disorders.

ASD, also known as autism spectrum disorder, affects approximately one in 100 children across North America and causes problems with communication, behavior and social concepts.

As with many disorders of the brain, there are currently no concrete tests to diagnosis conditions like ADHD and physicians rely on perception of behavior in various settings. Many factors must be ruled out first such as eye or ear problems and all results may not be completely un-biased.

Todd Elder, of Michigan State University, published a study in 2010, linking rates of ADHD diagnosis with children who were the youngest in their classroom. He noted that up to 60 percent of children who were the youngest in their grade level, were more likely to be diagnosed as ADHD, simply because they were younger then their peers. This equates to the possibility of nearly 1 million US children being misdiagnosed with ADHD and between $320 million to $500 million being spent on unnecessary use of medications to treat the disorder.

Since current diagnosis of the disorder relies on teachers and caregivers evaluating the patient based on observation, it is very likely that a five year old will be perceived to be more hyperactive and immature than their six year old peers. Elder’s study has led many parents and educators to only allowing a child to enter kindergarten if he or she has reached the age of five on the actual start date of school and if they have not yet turned five, they are recommended now to wait another year before entering the school system.

This new study will increase the chances of properly diagnosing conditions such as ADHD and stop unnecessarily medicating children who do not need powerful stimulant medications.


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Stop Snoring Naturally – Essential Oils to Treat Snoring

August 15, 2011 – If you or a loved one ever had to deal with snoring, you know how frustrating it can be to get a good night’s sleep. Not only can snoring be frustrating, it can also be dangerous. Not getting enough sleep is harmful to your health and daytime drowsiness can be more dangerous than you think!

How Snoring is Dangerous to Your Health

If you aren’t getting enough sleep your body is not able to regain it’s strength and keep a strong immune system. You need to be operating at optimal levels to fight of diseases and illnesses and lack of sleep will only hurt you in the long run.

If snoring is keeping you awake at night, you are likely to be suffering from daytime drowsiness and that can also be quite dangerous. Operating machinery or a vehicle presents dangers if you are not alert and doing daily routines that require alertness will suffer as well.

High blood pressure, anxiety, and decreased emotional state are some of the health risks that snoring can present.

Treating Snoring Naturally With Essential Oils

I have read many articles on using natural essential oils to treat snoring conditions and one thing always stands out: Using a combination of essential oils. It would seem that just one essential oil isn’t as effective as a combination, so be sure to find something that uses many essential oils.

Natural Snoring Remedy

Snoreox natural snoring remedy

Personally, I like to stick with Snoreox, a blend of essential oils mixed in with reusable rocks. Simply open the jar at night, shake and let the natural fragrance fill the room. When the rocks lose their scent, I add my own blend using a couple drops of Chamomile, Peppermint, Marjoram and Lavender.

Benefits of Using Natural Essential Oils to Stop Snoring

There are many devices on the market to help stop snoring but they are often very costly, take awhile to custom make and can be messy and invasive. Essential oils are pleasant and non-invasive and not nearly as costly as stop snoring devices.

By getting a good night’s rest you will be able to function better the next day and keep your immune system functioning strong. Many couples opt for separate rooms (if available) and needless to say, that can put a very large strain on a relationship.



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