Reiki: Health and Wellness

19 Nov
Reiki: Health and Wellness

What is Reiki?

Reiki is something I learned over 7 years ago and while I first only intended to use it on family and maybe a friend or two, I recently decided I could better put it to use by helping others.

So, with much enthusiasm I re-took my Level 1 and 2 course for Reiki to refresh my skills and began practicing like a mad-woman! First on family, then on friends and friends of friends. Discussing each session with my clients and marveling at the feedback and accuracy of this new practice I have found myself in!

So What is It?

It is energy work. Pure and simple. Working with the universal energy and allowing it to flow from the abundant universe to the client’s own body. It is relaxing, so much in fact that many clients fall asleep within minutes! Non-invasive and gentle, it can be done on anyone.

I write more about it on my Airdrie Reiki Health and Wellness blog so please take a moment to pop over there to learn more about Reiki and how a session typically goes and what it’s all about!

If you haven’t already tried Reiki – I STRONGLY suggest you find a good practitioner and have a session done -it’s amazing!

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