Loving My Watkins Business: How I Got Started

18 Apr
Loving My Watkins Business: How I Got Started

Isn’t it funny how things work out? When we look back on our lives, what we’ve accomplished and how it all began? I remember (vaguely) a time when I rarely turned on the computer. When I left my work at work. Seems so long ago but I do remember how it all began!

Joined Watkins to Sell Products to Family & Friends

Watkins products since 1868

I remember being on maternity leave and was looking for something to do in my spare time. I considered a few businesses but wanted something flexible. My mom asked me to join Watkins, since her and her friends needed a rep. She lived a couple provinces away from me but that was ok since as a Watkins dealer you can sell to anyone in Canada and the USA.

I mainly joined for personal reasons and because there were no monthly quotas or order requirements, I didn’t feel pressured to do any sales or anything like that. It was convenient, fun and relaxing really. About 9 months after I joined my manager asked if she could transfer some associates onto my team. She lived in the USA and thought it would be good for the Canadian associates to be on my team. That was the beginning!

How I Grew My Watkins Business

I began thinking “Yes, I think I’ll get serious about this business now!” I started to do some marketing and building up a customer base. Sending out informative, not spammy, newsletters each month to give my customers recipe ideas and information. I approached the business as I had approached it myself – with no pressure! I never focused on the MLM side of things or pushed it as a ‘make millions overnight.” I’ve always been honest with customers and people who wanted to join Watkins, because that’s who I am.

Within 4 months I reached the Manager level, had a great website that helped customers find local reps that ranked in the top spots of Google, and had a big customer base. I really enjoyed what I was doing and loved meeting new people, many whom I’ve never met personally but thank gosh for the Internet!

Watkins Natural Products Helped Me Grow

Watkins introduced a new natural product line, right around the time I was beginning to pay attention to

Watkins natural body care line

chemicals and toxins in our personal care products. I wanted safer products for my children and family and began doing research. My research showed that good products were hard to come by and that if you wanted something non-toxic you had to pay lots of shipping charges and order from many stores online.

I decided to open my own store, bringing in basic personal care products and selling them in my local community. I called the store Natural e GREEN and it wasn’t long before I opened an online store with 220 products. It’s been 3 years now, the business now offers over 800 products and ships worldwide. I’ve written two books (“The Cosmetic Chemicals Guide” and “Helping Your ADHD/ADD Child”) and hundreds of other health and wellness articles. My days are spent in front of the computer, processing online orders, keeping up with social media, researching and writing articles, researching new alternatives for better health and meeting people and hearing their stories. There was a time that I rarely turned on the computer, now, I can’t imagine a life without it!

Why I Think Watkins is a Good Business

April 2012 Special - Free $50 Gift Certificate for new associates

I’ve looked into other businesses and to be honest, many have quotas and you have to place min orders and order catalogs and all sorts of nonsense. Watkins has been around a long time (since 1868) and the group I’m a part of (The Summit Group) gives tons of great support and neat contests and giveaways. Like right now, there is a contest for a free $50 Gift Certificate for new associates who join in April and the chance to win an Apple iPad!  I was lucky, I joined one of the fastest growing and strongest teams. My manager and hers are both awesome and supportive and as a whole we offer that support to anyone on our team.

I am thankful for my Watkins business and all I’ve has the pleasure of experiencing as a team manager. Although I originally joined more to get the discount on my personal purchases, I now run Watkins as a full-time business and LOVE it!



About Tamara Laschinsky

Tamara Laschinsky, Indep. Watkins Manager

Tamara Laschinsky is an Indep. Watkins Associate and National Team Manager and runs the website, where she helps customers find local Watkins reps. She is always looking for new associates to join her team and one day hopes that all customers can find local reps through her website.

If you are thinking about starting a Watkins business and would like to be an associate for your area, feel free to contact Tamara  Or you can learn more at



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  1. bev

    May 19, 2012 at 2:26 am

    do you sell focus formula supplements in winnipeg area


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