Snoring: Dangers, Reasons and Treatments

22 Sep
Snoring: Dangers, Reasons and Treatments

Taken from Suite101 article:

Almost 90 million American adults suffer from snoring disorders. Snoring can be caused for many reasons and can pose health risks if not treated.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, NSF, almost 90 million American adults suffer from some type of snoring disorder. Of those adults, 37 million suffer from snoring conditions on a regular basis. Although snoring most often affects overweight men, it can affect both sexes regardless of weight. Understanding causes of snoring and seeking treatment can help minimize health risks associated with the condition.

Causes of Snoring

During sleep, throat muscle relax and your tongue moves to the back of the throat. When you breathe in and out, a vibration results. The loudness of the vibration varies, though the Andrew J.M Prichard of the Royal Shewsbury Hospital reports snoring noise can be as loud as 110 dB, the equivalent to a jet plane approaching.


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  1. Charita Alvacado

    February 20, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    Snoring is a fairly common affliction, affecting 40 percent of men and 25 percent of women. If you snore, you make a raspy, rattling, snorting sound while you breathe during sleep. Older people are particularly prone to snoring: About one-third of people ages 55 to 84 snore…

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