Summer Holidays Fun & Games!

28 Jul

July 27, 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again and we’re getting ready for our summer holidays! This is the first time I’ve ever walked away from my business while on holidays. Usually, I check my email and store orders once or twice a day but not this year!

This year, I gave my customers TONS of advance notice, letting them know months ahead of time when our holidays would be. I sent a reminder in the last newsletter and even sent out a special newsletter at the beginning of the week with a “Last Day to Order” date.

I posted on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and anywhere else I could think of! I put the permanent message on our store website.

Today, I got all my auto-responders set up, processed the last of the orders and have customers swinging by for pickup as well as going out to deliver the rest of them shortly! The inbox is down to only 8 messages as I know there will be no less than a thousand when I check them again!

Gotta say: It feels pretty good!

I have been practicing for this day for the last year or so. I started ‘not working’ on week-ends, or at least, not working as much! I even had some days (Sundays usually) that I didn’t even turn on the computer! (When you do everything online this is an amazing thing!)

I’ve worked less in the evenings and have been learning how to run an online business between the hours of 8am -5pm, more or less! Now, I am ready for the big challenge: holidays!

Nervous? A little, but excited sums it up better! I know I’ve done all I can to prepare my current customers and to inform my new ones. I’m sure there will be orders waiting when I get back and I’m sure some will be cancelled when people realize they won’t ship right away – at least I’ve been upfront and let people know!


So, adios for now! I most likely won’t be blogging or anything while I’m on holidays. I may, however, decide to open a browser and play a game or something, but it’s not likely that I’ll do that often or for long! Hello holidays, family time and remembering a time before computers and social networking took over our lives and engulfed our daily and nightly routines – with us needing to be plugged in!

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