Piggy Paint Contains MIT Chemical: Natural e GREEN Says No

05 Apr

April 5, 2011 – The company, Piggy Paint, has recently changed its non-toxic nail polish formula and will now contain a chemical called ‘methylisothiazolinone’, otherwise known as MI or MIT. MIT is a chemical preservative and this changed has prompted Natural e GREEN to discontinue future orders of Piggy Paint for their store.

Natural e GREEN Not Selling Piggy Paint Nail Polish

natural e greenNatural e GREEN is a store dedicated to offering the safest products on the market and offering products that do not contain the common chemicals found in everyday products.They have provided Piggy Paint nail polish to their customers for over two years now, but effective immediately, they will not bring in any new formulas of the ‘non-toxic’ nail polish.

Natural e GREEN learned about the new formula when they had brought in some new stock just a couple of weeks ago. When reading the labels of the new colors, the owner discovered the chemical ingredient, methylisothiazolinone, and immediately contacted Piggy Paint. After being told that the MIT was added to ensure no harmful bacteria was allowed to grow in the polish, Natural e GREEN returned the bottles that contained the MIT and made the decision to sell off their current stock and switch to another water-based nail polish company.

What Is Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and What Are The Health Effects?MIT Chemical

Methylisothiazolinone is a chemical preservative that is added to many cosmetic and personal care products. It is also commonly used to replace parabens. MIT is restricted for use in Canada and Japan restricts its use when used in combination with other ingredients.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), rates MIT as a ‘6’ on their toxicity scale (1-10 with 10 being highest in toxicity). It is known to cause skin sensitivities and be an immune system sensitizer. In-vitro tests showed neurotoxic effects on mammalian cells.

While the government allows MIT to be in Canadian products up to concentrations of 100ppm (parts per million), there is not enough human evidence to prove that MIT is, indeed, safe for long-term use. The health effects are virtually unknown and untested, like so many other chemicals that the governments allows in consumer products.

Why Piggy Paint is Adding the Chemical Methylisothiazolinone to Their Nail Polish

non toxic piggy paint nail polishMIT is used as a preservative and because Piggy Paint is a water-based nail polish, it is susceptible to bacteria growth when the brush applicator is put in and out of the bottle. MIT prevents growth of bacteria. The limit for MIT in products in 100ppm and Piggy Paint is well below that limit, using 50ppm. While there are other options for chemical preservatives, MIT can inhibit bacteria growth in small concentrations.

Piggy Paint calls its nail polish ‘non-toxic’ and as of this post, their website has not updated the ingredients to contain the methylisothiazolinone ingredient.






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2 responses to “Piggy Paint Contains MIT Chemical: Natural e GREEN Says No

  1. Monica

    March 24, 2012 at 1:36 am

    Thank you for posting this!
    I’m very upset to learn this, my daughter loves her piggy paint and up until this point, I felt safe using it.
    I will no longer be purchasing piggy paint, and will be checking the recent bottles I purchased for the chemical.

    • tamaralaschinsky

      March 24, 2012 at 10:04 pm

      You are welcome Monica, glad it could help. I was disappointed to as my daughter loves it too. We have some older bottles that we use that don’t have the Neolone 950 and now we use Hopscotch Kids (which we like even better!) Many retailers did not even know about the change as Piggy Paint did not tell us (I sell Piggy Paint on my Natural e GREEN store) so I feel bad for them as well since many didn’t even know the formula changed. Hope you find something else you can use!


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