Places to Visit: Jamaica, Hawaii, Whistler, Banff, Egypt, Iceland, Las Vegas

15 Nov

Visit Whistler/Blackcomb in BC

Whistler, British Columbia in Canada is a favorite travel destination for millions of visitors every year. Ranked as North America’s top ski and snowboard resort, Whistler, Blackcomb recently hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. In the winter, the mountains are covered with powder-fresh snow and attract many skiers and snow-boarders. The gondolas take you up to heights where you can see over top of the mountains and experience a setting so beautiful and serene, you may think you’ve reached the heavens!

Facts and Statistics for Whistler, Blackcomb, BC

Home to almost 10,000 residents, Whistler, Blackcomb is located in British Columbia, Canada. It features two mountains side by side and combined, they represent over 8,000 acres of skiable terrain. The ski season can last into July and brings visitors from across the world. Over 115 hotels are available, along with first class shopping, dining and night-time entertainment. Continue Reading…. Great Vacation Get-Aways and Places to Visit: Whistler, Blackcomb

Visit Iceland

The dramatic landscapes of Iceland feature volcanic eruptions and mountainsides carved out by glaciers. Wilderness like you have never seen before, wildlife in its natural environment and some of natures most amazing wonders, right before you eyes

Facts and History of Iceland

Iceland is an island, 103,000 km squared. It is one-third larger than Scotland or Ireland and it’s highest peak is 2,119 meters. Glaciers cover over 11 percent of the country. 30 volcanoes have erupted in the last 200 years and natural hot water provides Ireland with cheap and pollution-free heating. Over 300,000 people call Iceland their home.

The Four Seasons of Iceland

Despite the name, Iceland is not always just a land full of ice. Iceland has four seasons and variety of wildlife to go with them. Continue Reading…. Great Vacation Get-Aways and Places to Visit: Iceland

Visit Jamaica

Jamaica isn’t only white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It has many hidden treasures and authentic towns for the adventuring tourist. Lush forests, unique species of birds and a diverse history are only some of the reasons why Jamaica sees millions of visitors each year.

History and Facts About Jamaica

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking Island in the Caribbean. It has a total land area of 4,442 square miles. It is divided into three counties: Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey. Jamaica is very mountainous and has its hottest seasons running from May to September with average temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius.

Jamaica has been self-governed since 1962. Island colonizers brought many plants to the island centuries ago, and they still flourish today. The national fruit, the ackee, was brought from Africa aboard a slave ship. Jamaica has over 252 species of birds, 27 of those species are not found anywhere else in the world. Jamaica is also home to many other species of reptiles and insects. Continue Reading…. Great Vacation Get-Aways and Places to Visit: Jamaica

Visit Hawaii

Beautiful volcanic mountains surrounded by ocean and lush green vegetation. Hawaii is a favorite travel hot spot for millions of tourists each year. View the volcanoes, spend some time on the ocean sailing or skiing, learn to hula or tour the cities.

Choosing Which Island to Visit in Hawaii

Choosing an island may not be easy as you have six wonderful options ahead of you. Choose from the following islands for your Hawaiin get-away:

  1. Kauai: The oldest and most northern island. Visit the Wailua River, Napali Coast, Poipu Beach Park and Waimea Canyon.
  2. Oahu:The state capital and majority of local population. Watch the pro surfers on the North Shore, visit Pearl Harbor, check out the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and hike up the Nuuanu Pali Lookout.
  3. Molokai: Preseved in it’s past, this island has a slower and relaxed paced. Visit Kaunakakai, the Kaluapapa National Hisotrical Park and visit Papohaku Beach, one of the largest white sand beaches in Hawaii.
  4. Lanai: No traffic lights, 100% island! Visit Hulopoe Bay, shop and dine in Lanai City and experience Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods).
  5. Maui: The second largest island and best beaches, be sure to visit Lahaina, Makena Beach State Park (Big Beach), Iao Valley State Park, Haleakala National Park and the town of Hana.
  6. Hawaii’s Big Island: Larger than all the other island combined, be sure to visist Hamaku Coast’s waterfalls, visit the Downtown Hilo, experience coffee at the Coffee Plantations and stop by the Historic Kailua Village (Kailua-Kona). Continue Reading…. Great Vacation Get-Aways and Places to Visit: Hawaii

Visit Las Vegas

Known as an “adult” get-away, Las Vegas has some amazing hotels and a night-life that just does not stop. From the blackjack tables of the casinos to the trapeze bars of the Cirque de Soleil, Las Vegas has it all. Take in a show, experience some gourmet dinners and enjoy some relaxing time at the spa. Las Vegas is also a great destination for families with many free activities for kids to enjoy as well.

Las Vegas Tours

There are many tours you can join when visiting Las Vegas. Tours are available by bus, airplane and helicopter. Consider tours like:

  • Grand Canyon Tour: See Grand Canyon by helicopter and walk across the Skywalk. This tour flies over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and extinct volcanoes before stopping at the West Rim.

Visit Egypt

Ever want to experience the pyramids in person? The pyramids and temples are by far, the most known attractions of Egypt, but there is so much more to experience when traveling to Egypt.

Being a part of the Holy Land, leads the way to many religious monuments you can see. Take part in dessert treks and scuba diving. Golfing, fishing and birding expeditions are also part of the Egyptian attractions. You can even float down the Nile river on a luxurious rive boat.

Facts and History of Egypt

Emerging from the Nile Valley, around 3,100 BC, Egypt is possibly the world’s oldest civilization and vacation spot. The Greeks and Romans visited Egypt for fun and to visit the wonders of the Pyramids and monuments. Egypt now features scuba diving, luxury hotels and five star restaurants. Continue Reading…. Great Vacation Get-Aways and Places to Visit on Holidays: Egypt

Visit Banff Alberta

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, is a famous town called Banff. Banff attracts millions of visitors each year and offers exquisite shopping, beautiful hiking trails and activities for all four seasons. The townsite is located in Banff National Park, one of the world’s premier destination spots.

About Banff National Park

In 1883, construction workers for the Canadian Pacific Railway stumbled upon a cave with hot springs on the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. This discovery led to the beginning of Banff National Park, which is now 6,641 square kilometers of glaciers, forests, mountains, rivers, meadows, valleys and mountains.

The park can be reached by taking the Trans-Canada Hwy # 1, the Icefield Parkway # 93 or the Bow Valley Parkway #1A. It is 128 km west of Calgary, 401 km southwest of Edmonton and 850 km northeast of Vancouver. Continue Reading…. Visiting Banff Townsite in Banff National Park Alberta, Canada

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