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02 Nov

Using Colloidal Silver as Natural Treatment for Children

For thousands of years, colloidal silver has apparently been used as a “cure-all” medication. It is said to fight infections and boost the immune system, but there is no medical evidence to back these claims up.

In fact, the U.S Food and Drug Association, FDA, warns consumers against using colloidal silver and deems it “generally unsafe.” It is not recommended to be used as a natural remedy for children.

Colloidal silver is made of tiny silver particles suspended in a base liquid. While silver has been used in medicinal treatments in the past, it has long been replaced with safer alternatives, reports the National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, NCCAM.  Read full article at: Using Colloidal Silver as Natural Treatment Remedy for Children


Dark Rings or Circle Under Child’s Eyes

There are many reasons why children may have dark rings under their eyes. Some common reasons for dark rings or circles under the eyes include lack of sleep, allergies, nasal congestion and eczema. Your child may also have dark rings under their eyes as part of a hereditary condition. Dark rings under the eyes are often not serious, but the Mayo Clinic indicates that most people don’t like them for cosmetic reasons. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you are concerned about the dark circles under your child’s eyes.

The dark circles or rings may be very noticeable under your child’s eyes or they may be faint in appearance. In medical terms, the dark rings are defined as round and uniform areas of pigmentation under each eye. Most often, dark rings only affect adults, but they can affect children as well. Males and females are equally susceptible to getting dark rings under their eyes. Read full article at:Why Children Have Dark Circles or Dark Rings Under Their Eyes

Dopamine Levels in Children and ADHD

The neurotransmitter in your brain that is responsible for transmitting signals between nerve cells is called dopamine. Dopamine has been linked to decision-making activities in the brain as well as influencing the motivation and rewards drive in the brain. Dopamine has also been linked to muscle movement. If you have lower levels of dopamine, you may suffer from inattention and lack of motivation. Lower levels of dopamine are present in children who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD/ADD.

Dopamine is very important in proper brain functionality. It makes sure signals are sent between nerve cells and influences your ability to make decisions and become motivated to do a task.

The Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine has discovered that dopamine also influences your behavior. Read full article at:Dopamine Levels in Children and Effect on Behavior and Motivation

Dry Patches on Skin of Scalp for Children

Your child may have a dry patch on his head for many reasons. He may suffer from dry skin that is caused by dry air or lack of moisture. He may also have a medical condition that requires treatment. Some medical reasons for dry scalp include cradle cap, eczema and psoriasis. Your doctor or dermatologist can assist you in determining what is causing your child’s dry scalp.

You may notice dry skin on your child’s head by spotting some dry flakes of skin on the scalp or hair. You may even spot some redness on her scalp. If your child’s hair is thick, you may not easily see her scalp but the dry flakes should be noticeable.

She may try to scratch at her scalp often if the dry patch is itching. Too much scratching may result in the area becoming irritated and even cracked. Read full article at: Reasons Why Your Child May Have a Dry Patch on Scalp or Head


Nitrates in Hot Dogs Linked to Causing Cancer

Part of many kids’ diets is the famous hot dog. Face it, it’s a fun food, easy to make and it tastes good too. You’ve all heard how hot dogs contain “mystery meat” and there is always a horror story about the dangers of hot dogs. New studies, however, are indicating something more serious than questionable meat products. Hot dogs are being linked to cancer, and it’s all due to the preservatives and how they form N-nitroso compounds.

In government studies, nitrates have been found be linked to cancer. In one study, children who ate more than 12 hotdogs in a month were nine times more likely to develop childhood leukemia.

Researchers Sarusua and Savitz concluded that mothers who ate one or more hot dog a week during pregnancy had babies who had double the chances of developing brain tumors. Read full article at: Nitrates and Hot Dogs: Why are They Legal if They Cause Cancer?


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