Nitrates in Hotdogs Linked to Causing Cancer

29 Oct

Part of many kid’s diets are the famous – hotdog! Face it, it’s a fun food, easy to make and it tastes good too! You’ve all heard how hotdogs contain “mystery meat” and there is always a horror story about the dangers of hotdogs. New studies, however, are indicating something more serious than questionable meat products. Hotdogs are being linked to cancer, and it’s all due to the preservatives and how they form N-nitroso compounds.

Hotdog Contain Preservatives That May Cause Cancer

In government studies, nitrates have been found be linked to cancer. In one study, children who ate more than 12 hotdogs in a month were nine times more likely to develop childhood leukemia….

Read full article here: Nitrates and Hotdogs: Why Are They Legal if They Cause Cancer?

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Posted by on October 29, 2010 in Babies & Kids, Cancer, Nutrition


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