Increase Bone Density, Vertigo Treatments, Ear Pain and Sour Stomachs

04 Oct

Vibration plate therapy increases bone density - Matthew Hadley with permission

Vibration Therapy Increases Bone Density
First discovered by the Soviet Space program, whole – body vibration therapy was used to increase bone density and muscle tissue for their astronauts. When traveling in space, the removal of gravity caused bone loss and muscle tissue loss. Vibration therapy was used and found to be successful. So successful, in fact, that Valery Polyakov, a medical doctor and Russian cosmonaut, was able to spend 430 days in space, setting a world record. American astronauts who did not use vibration plate therapy were only able to spend 196 days in space before having to return due to loss of bone density and muscle tissue degeneration. Read more…..
Reasons why baby and infants get sour stomach

Colic is one reason why babies have sour stomachs - ThrasherDave with permission

Reasons Why Babies and Infants Get Sour Stomachs
Two pediatric doctors, Dr. William Sears and Dr. Martha Sears, confirm stomach pain in infants is often not serious and won’t require medical attention. Quite often, sour stomach will get better by itself. You should seek medical attention however, if your infants pain is on the lower right side of the abdomen or if it accompanied by a dark green bile. Continue reading…
5 Reasons Why Toddlers and Children Get Plugged Ears

Ear pain is common for toddlers and children. - LizaWasHere with permission

5 Reasons Why Toddler and Children’s Ears Become Plugged

Toddler’s ears may become plugged for many reasons. Often, plugged ears are nothing serious and will resolve on its own. Common reasons for plugged ears are common cold, earwax buildup or altitude pressure changes. Occasionally, a more serious condition is responsible for plugged ears in toddlers such as infection or damage to the ear itself. Serious conditions will most likely require medical assistance. Read more….

Vibration Therapy to Increase Bone Density

Massage treats vertigo symptoms naturally - Kerala Tourism with permission

Treating Vertigo Naturally With Massage Therapy

Vertigo is a disorder where you feel dizzy, nauseated and may have hearing loss as well. Another disease that has vertigo as a symptom is Meniere’s disease. Between 2001 and 2004, 35.4 percent of U.S adults over the age of 40 had some form of vestibular dysfunction. A vestibular dysfunction affects the inner ear and brain with symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo and disequilibrium. Continue Reading…..


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