Soy Milk Benefits, Natural Sea Salt and Balancing pH Levels

02 Oct

Silk Soy Milk, Natural Sea Salt and Balancing your Alkaline pH

Silk Soy Milk has many health benefits - jennie with permission

Health Benefits of Silk Soy Milk

Silk soymilk can replace dairy milk and has many nutritional benefits. Lactose intolerant people often consume soymilk as it contains no lactose and is easier to digest. Silk soymilk is low in fat and calories and contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals. Soy protein and Omega – 3 are both useful in reducing cardiovascular disease and are also both present in Silk soymilk. Continue Reading…..

Sea salt has a variety of flavors, and textures - Romain Behar with permission

Benefits of Natural Sea Salt
Sea salt has a popular belief in that it is healthier than table salt, but Dr. Katherine Zeratsky, a nutritionist at the Mayo Clinic, says they are nutritionally the same. Both Sea Salt and table salt are made up of sodium and chloride. Sea salt does has its benefits and differences though, in taste, texture and processing. Read more…..

Fruits and vegetables help raise alkaliine pH - The Call of the Land with permission

Balance Alkaline and Acid pH Levels in Your Body

Balancing body pH levels is very important in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Dr. Michael Romero is a physiologist at the Mayo Clinic and a firm believe in balanced pH levels. If pH levels are too low or too high, death will be inevitable.

Acid is natural by-product of fats breaking down in the body and from specific body processes. Since the body’s optimum pH is 7.4, it will always attempt to balance the body by neutralizing the acid. Imbalances in body pH, however slight, can lead to health issues and even death. Continue Reading…..


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