Tea Tree for Head Lice, Aerobic Energy, Psoriasis, Diet Pills

30 Sep
Treating Head Lice With Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil
Head lice is frustrating and difficult to treat. Most commonly affecting children, head lice are small, tiny insects that feed on the blood of the scalp. Treatment usually involved weeks of shampooing with specialized shampoos and careful removal of dead lice. Melaleuca can be used to treat head lice, though medical evidence has not yet been provided to prove effectiveness or safety of using melaleuca for treating head lice. Continue Reading……
Get More Energy for Aerobic Workouts & Bodybuilding
Aerobic workouts help individuals keep their bodies healthy, lose weight and tone muscles. There are many levels of aerobic workouts ranging from beginner to expert. All exercise requires energy and keeping the needed amount of required energy helps to perform the aerobic exercise and reduce feeling sore the next day. Read more….
Psoriasis on the Body: Chronic and Painful
7.5 million Americans suffer from psoriasis according to the National Institute of Health. Psoriasis is a severe and chronic skin disorder that affects various parts of the body. Psoriasis is also connected with other serious health conditions. While no cure for psoriasis has yet been discovered, various treatments do exist to manage the condition. Continue Reading….
The Dangers of Herbal Diet Pills – What  You Should Know First
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires all manufacturers of herbal products to not make false or misleading claims about their products. Manufacturers must have evidence backing up all claims but they are not required to submit that evidence to the FDA. Consumers must research and determine the safety and effectiveness of herbal products. Read more….

Are Microwaveable Baby Bottle Sterilizers Safe?
During the first year of life, babies are most at risk for contracting viruses and infections. The Baby Center network recommends sterilizing bottles if they are being used to feed infants. If safety instructions are followed, microwave sterilizers are a quick, safe and effective method of sterilizing baby bottles. Continue Reading….


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  1. Keesha Schein

    March 13, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    Herbal medicine — also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine — refers to using a plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. Herbalism has a long tradition of use outside of conventional medicine. It is becoming more mainstream as improvements in analysis and quality control along with advances in clinical research show the value of herbal medicine in the treating and preventing disease.”

    Newest short article coming from our personal web blog


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